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Inspired by the great architecture of New England, Peter Smith and Pamela Campbell continue the tradition, designing homes that incorporate the best elements of the past with the requirements of 21st century lifestyles.

Since 1980, Campbell Smith Architects has built a sterling reputation for creating homes that capture the vision of their clients while remaining faithful to an Old World style of architecture.

A Campbell Smith house is familiar; “All the elements combine to create a subliminal form that people recognize - it’s geometry, it’s texture, it’s fenestration and color, all the way around, all four sides. It all has to work together,” explains Peter Smith, principal.

l-r Pamela Campbell, AIA; Ashlyn Young, interiors intern, Endicott College; Peter Smith, AIA, Elaine Woodgate, office manager; Ryan Lehane, Christopher DeOrsay, AIA and of course, Moxie!